Anxiety Recommended Resources

If you experience anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety is at an all-time high, especially in this season. Below are a collection of resources, ranging from Scripture, Bible reading plans, worship music, Bible studies, and conversation guides for parents. 

Praying through Scripture

Not sure what to pray? Praying verses from the Bible is a great way to talk with God when you don’t know what to say.

  1. Use the passages we have provided, or select a passage that intersects with your life right now and that really speaks truth to you.
  2. Ask God to bless your time in Scripture, to keep you focused, and to help you to pray through His Word.
  3. Start reading through your passage slowly, meditating on each word in the passage.
  4. Pray as you go through the passage, bringing ideas and words from the passage into your own conversation with God.
  5. Use your time praying the Scripture to let God encourage, convict, and guide you.