Global Outreach

Catch a glimpse of the breadth and scope of our involvement.

Why Global Missions?

The Global Outreach ministry at Trinity is committed to encouraging missional churches and pioneering initiatives in strategic situations around the world, and building transformational communities that develop and sustain global missional relationships.

Recent Stories

Here are some stories from around the world that showcase our partners, our mission priorities, and our engagement models.

Global Presence

Trinity is engaged in 20 countries around the world.

Engagement Pathways

We have a variety of ways that allow you to learn more about yourself, your calling and God’s mission to the nations.

Volunteer Leader Teams

Volunteers, ordinary people of an extraordinary God, lead almost all aspects of Trinity’s global engagement. We are mutually accountable and trust the Lord works in, and then through us.

Kingdom Advancement Grants

Because of the generous giving by Trinity attendees through designated giving and the regular weekend offering, we give grants to engage in global missions. Every year the committee selects grants that are committed to global relationships that demonstrate solidarity, fellowship, and missional engagement with the global Church. 

Click here to see the Kingdom Advancement Grants given in 2017.

Missions Trip Experiences

Short-term trips are designed to advance relationships with our missionaries and Strategic Partners and to give you the opportunity to experience another culture and broaden your worldview. If you’re interested in going on Missions Trip, please attend the Missions Trip Training Class. 

Global Outreach Upcoming Events

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