Shine Like the Star You Are

We live in a dark and desperate world. How do we live in such a way to make the gospel glow? Welcome to the weekly gatherings live broadcast from Trinity Church in Lansing, Michigan. For more information checkout our site here. https://wearetrinity.com To give online...

Looking Back to Go Forward

Many followers of Jesus feel stuck in their journey with Him. What if the key to getting unstuck and moving forward was found in two powerful biblical truths about understanding family? Download the Family Commandments Here: http://wearetrinity.com/familycommandments

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Deep Change

Many Christians attend worship services each week, take class after class and work through Bible study after Bible study, but remain unchanged. Why is this? Could there be one missing ingredient that holds the key to deep and lasting spiritual transformation?

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Seeing with 2020 Spiritual Vision

 Everyone sees through a lens. Whether you realize it or not world-views and paradigms influence what you see. Your worldview is a mental and spiritual lens through which you interpret reality. A filter you use to put things into context and develop a response.What...

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Before Verizon popularized the tagline “Can you hear me now?” in 2002, God had asked this question in various ways from the beginning of time, but people seemed to not hear Him. Then He tried one last thing – and everything changed.

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Eulogizing God

I am sure we have all heard someone give a eulogy at a funeral service. But, have you ever heard someone eulogize God? Well, one of the biblical authors writes a eulogy for God. It sounds odd and unusual, but eulogizing God can be powerfully transformative.

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Advent Faith – Endurance for the Long Run

Part of celebrating the Season of Advent is about patience. Our predecessors were patient for the first coming of our Savior at Christmas, and we are to be patient for Him to return. But what if “being Patient” isn’t really what we think it means? What if it’s...

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Bad News – Good News

Most of us don’t like hearing bad news. But, sometimes, we have to hear and experience the dreadful weight of really bad news to appreciate and experience the utter joy of really good news.

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Mission at the Table

There is a spot reserved at Jesus's table for every individual. Will we accept His invitation? Will we relentless pursue others with their invitation?

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Worship at the Table

Jesus’ invitation to the table compels the sinner to repent of their sin and the self-righteous to repent of their self-righteousness. In the next installment of our Table series we will see how the repentant heart is compelled to respond in worship.

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