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Group Life @ Trinity Church


Attentive to the Spirit

Ben and Joanne share a story about being attentive to the Holy Spirit and how He was faithful.

Ted’s Story Sara’s VBS Story Brandon’s Story Bruce Schartzer and Matt and Laurie Krieg

Pastor Marvin Williams sits down with Bruce Schartzer and Matt and Laurie Krieg and discusses how they have put Jesus as Lord over their lives and the challenges they have overcome.

Heidi Johnson – Gift Workshop Love Lansing: Christmas – Serve and Celebrate 2016 The Story of Jason and Amber

During Chapter 12 of The Story, Pastor Marvin Williams is joined by Jason and Amber. They share their candid story of restoration and forgiveness in response to sexual sin. ** PG-13 **

Immerse not my will but yours be done

Matthew Philip shares a story of learning to discern God’s will for his ministry and his personal life.

a knight’s tale

Jack Magruder shares a personal story of freedom found in Christ.


Carmon, Elliot, John and Deborah confront the negative messages hanging in front of them and Break through!
Created for Christmas Eve 2015 at Trinity Church.

A Story of Grief and Hope

Mark and Kim Peck share their memories of the daughter Liz and the freedom they have found in Christ.

Deborah’s Story

Deborah shares the story of her Journey with Christ.

Carmon’s Story

Carmon and her husband Jason share their story of healing.

Carmon and Jason – Part 2

A follow up to Carmon’s Story. Carmon and Jason reflecting on her healing and and God’s blessings.

Katie’s Story

Katie Kregel Shares her story of victory through Jesus.

God’s Gems Baptism

Stories from “A Better Story” Series

Freedom Recap

A recap of all the stories told during the “A Better Story” series.

Laraine’s Story

Laraine’s story of freedom.

Ron’s Story

A story of rejection and faith.

Amie’s Story

Amie Akers shares her story of gaining freedom from shame in her life through the power of Christ. Please be aware this video is for a mature audience.

Shanae’s Story

Shanae Coleman shares her story of victory over the bondage of fear through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Gary’s Story

Gary shares his story of overcoming the stronghold of passivity on his life.