Student Ministry

Impact (7th-8th Grade) and Crosswalk (9th-12th Grade)


Our middle school ministry consists of 7th and 8th grade students from all around the Lansing area. Impact meets Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:15pm in the Student Center.

Crosswalk is our high school ministry, consisting of 9th through 12th grade students from all around the Lansing area. We gather each Sunday night from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the Student Center.

What we offer

We have a variety of ways your students can connect with other students and grow in their relationship with Christ.

Weekly Gatherings



Camp and Retreats

We have Summer Camps and Winter Retreats for both Impact and Crosswalk students, and a Fall Retreat for Crosswalk juniors and seniors. It’s a great opportunity for students to get away from their normal routine and spend time focused on God and friends. 

Student Mission Trips

Not everyone can pack up all their belongings and become a career missionary, but many of us can go on short-term mission trips. If you’ve never tried it, we encourage you to consider these benefits of taking the compassion of Jesus to another culture:

  1. You will encounter God’s heart.
  2. You will expand your limited perspective.
  3. You will become more grateful.
  4. You will discover spiritual family and lasting partnerships.
  5. You will expand the Kingdom of Jesus.

Of course, not everyone can hop on a plane and go to a foreign country for 10 days. Some people have health limitations or family pressures that make travel impractical. Don’t feel guilty if you are in that category. Instead, remember that those who can’t go to the mission field physically can go through prayer or financial support. And the reward will be the same.

When David defeated the Amalekites, he gave the same reward to the warriors who stayed behind to watch the baggage as he gave to the frontline soldiers who wielded swords (see 1 Sam. 30:22-25).

So, whether you go virtually or in person, let’s recognize the priority of missions. Let’s encourage every Christian to discover their role in God’s great plan to tell everyone about Jesus and His love.

Weekend Gathering

We encourage all our students to go to the weekend services in the Main Auditorium (Saturday 6:00 pm, Sunday 9:15 & 11:00 am). Students can also serve on our technical team and in a variety of roles in the Children’s Ministry.

For our 7th-9th grade students, we offer a community called “TheBridge” during the 11:00 am. Students attending TheBridge go to the worship of the main weekend service and then go to their classroom for a lesson specifically designed for them to spark discussion.

Winter Retreat 2020

Crosswalk Winter Retreat

January 24-26

High School Students (9th-12th grade) are invited to join our Crosswalk student ministry for Ice Camp @ Miracle Camp in Lawton, MI, January 24-26. We will build friendships and grow together in Christ as we have a ton of outdoor winter fun with amazing activities like broomball, our sledding hill, and an indoor dodgeball tournament.

Impact Winter Retreat

February 7-9

Impact Students (7th & 8th grade) are invited to join us for Elevate Winter Retreat at CranHill in Rodney, MI, February 7th – 9th. We will build friendships and grow together in Christ as we have a ton of outdoor winter fun with activities like sledding, archery tag, snowshoeing, climbing the ice wall, or getting competitive in a broomball tournament!

Impact Upcoming Events

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:15pm


January 8: Epic Friendships series begins

January 15: Epic Friendships

January 22: Epic Friendships

January 29: TBD

February 5: Made series begins; Made, Becoming Clay

Winter Retreat, February 7-9 @ CranHill in Rodney, MI

February 12: Made, Becoming Sheep

February 19: Made, Becoming Salty

February 26: AMP Night



Crosswalk Upcoming Events

Sundays 6:30 – 8:30pm

January 12:  Difference Makers Belong to a Community

January 19: Difference Makers are Discipled

January 26: No Crosswalk Gathering. Students will just be returning from winter retreat

Winter Retreat, January 24-26 @ Miracle Camp in Lawton, MI

February 2: No Crosswalk Gathering: Superbowl Night

February 9: Devin Rainey begins the Devoted Series with the topic Devoted to God’s Word & Prayer

February 16: Devoted to Community & Fellowship

February 23: Devoted to Unity & Service

March 1: Crosswalk AMP Night