[email protected] VBS 2020

July 27-31, 9:30-11:30am

4 year olds – 6th grade


Put on your hard hat and safety vest as we discover that Jesus’ love provides a foundation that will last. We’ll learn that God is at work, and when God starts a project we know He will finish it! [email protected] VBS will be a great time for kids all around the Lansing area! Children ages 4 years to 6th grade will have fun as we meet in backyards and parks, instead of our church building. There will be games, crafts, music, prizes, and more as kids and students learn to build their faith on Jesus. Register now by clicking the button below and invite your friends to come along. We can’t wait to see you!

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4 year olds -6th grade (Fall 2020)
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What is required to be a VBS volunteer?

We’re looking for students and adults who enjoy working with children and want to share God’s love and His truth with them. All volunteers working with children at Trinity Church must be approved through our Volunteer Application process, which includes a background check.

What if I want to volunteer, but I have a child younger than 4 years old?

You still can! We won’t have childcare at VBS sites, so volunteers will be responsible for their younger children, but children are welcome to participate as they are able.

What about children older than 6th grade?

We would love to have older students volunteer! Student volunteers are so important in adding to the fun and energy of VBS and showing God’s love to kids. Just like the adult volunteers, they will need to complete a Volunteer Application, if they are not previously approved.

Will all ages be at each site?

Each site will have all ages 4 years – 6th grades, so families don’t have to travel to multiple sites to drop off/pick up their children. The activities and curriculum are designed to appeal to the full age range. We’re planning on a maximum of 25 children per site, higher numbers if the Site Host/Leader are interested in accommodating more. Larger sites could divide down by age group.

What if there is rain?

Inside a garage or under a tent would be rain alternatives. Cancel, if necessary.

What about safety and security?

Each site will have at least 2 adults and 2 teen helpers (for up to 25 kids). Children’s Ministry staff will be assigned to sites and will be present at some point each morning. Our same safety/security procedures and policies will apply in regards to check in/check out, bathroom policy, etc. Site Leaders will be the consistent overseer through the morning and responsible for concerns and emergencies. The Site Leader will be responsible for the immediate response to a medical emergency. Getting help for the child/adult who needs medical attention is their first priority. The Site Leader will contact their designated staff member to report the emergency once they are able to do so.

What about protecting kids and volunteers from COVID-19?

We will follow CDC and the Governor’s executive orders as best we can. Because it is an outdoor event, we are not requiring masks. Getting kids to social distance is tricky, but we will avoid activities that require close contact. We’ll sanitize hands when kids arrive and be watchful for symptoms of illness.

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