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Welcome to [email protected] VBS 2020! Whether you’re a Host Site or doing VBS at home with your family, we’re glad you’re here! God has special things for your children and you to learn this week! Below you find the videos, discussion questions, and activities for each day. While you’re doing VBS, snap a photo and post it using #trinityathome, we would love to see you! We are praying for each of you!

Monday – Day 1

FOUNDATION OF LOVE: Jesus Chose Matthew (Matthew 9:9-13)—Jesus chooses to love me. I can’t earn it.

To Talk About: 

  1. Why do you think Jesus chose Matthew to follow Him?
  2. Was Matthew doing the right thing to invite tax collectors and sinners to the meal with Jesus? Why or why not?
  3. Why do you think the Pharisees complained that Jesus was eating with Matthew’s friends?
  4. What do you think Jesus meant when He said, “People who are well do not need a doctor, but sick people do?”
  5. Is anyone too sinful for Jesus to love? How does today’s story prove your answer?

To Do Together:

Make a line on the ground (with chalk on the driveway, with athletic cones or a line of tape). Have the children stand on the line to begin. Share that you’ll call out two choices, and kids must decide on which side to stand. Designate one side as Side A and the other as Side B. Ask:

  • Would you rather be encouraged (Side A) or made fun of (Side B)?
  • Would you rather be helped when you’re hurt (Side A) or left alone (Side B)?
  • Would you rather be kind (Side A) or be rude (Side B)?
  • Would you rather be caring (Side A) or be mean (Side B)?
  • Would you rather be loved (Side A) or be hurt (Side B)?

Share that kids do not have to make a choice about Jesus’ love. Nothing anyone can do will allow them to earn the love of Jesus. Jesus has already chosen to love everyone no matter what. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t ever have to wonder if Jesus loves you. He does! You can’t do anything to earn Jesus’ love. Jesus chooses to love you. Say together, “Jesus chooses to love….” then complete the statement by using a family member’s name. Continue with the activity repeating the phrase, “Jesus chooses to love…” until each family member has completed the phrase with his name. Then, pray together, thanking God for loving each family member.

2s and 3s Lesson Video

Tuesday – Day 2

FOUNDATION OF FORGIVENESS: Paul’s Redemption (Acts 26:1-29)—Jesus loves me regardless of my sin.

To Talk About:

  1. Why do you think Paul hated Christians?
  2. Do you think Paul deserved to be arrested? Explain. If your answer is no, why do you suppose God allowed the arrest to happen?
  3. Describe the difference Jesus made in Paul’s life.
  4. Did Paul’s story have any effect on King Agrippa?
  5. How can your stories about Jesus affect other people?
  6. Are all people in need of Jesus’ forgiveness? Why?

To Do Together:

Create an obstacle course inside or outside, using materials you have at home. Ask kids to recall the events in today’s Bible story. (Paul was on the road to Damascus, a light blinded Paul, God’s voice spoke, Paul believed and made a U-turn.)

Lead kids to practice obeying these calls: turn left, turn right, stop, U-turn. Form teams of two. One child from each pair should close their eyes. The other partner should lead the way through the obstacle course, giving voice commands or leading by hand if the voice commands are too difficult.

After completing the course, talk about what was hard and what was easy in completing the course. Talk about how it was easy to mess up and need new directions. Ask: “Do you believe Jesus loves you even when you mess up? The great news is Jesus loves you regardless of your sin. This means no matter what you’ve done, Jesus still loves you, and He will forgive you when you ask.” Pray, thanking God for loving people even when they sin.

2s and 3s Lesson Video

Wednesday – Day 3

FOUNDATION OF WORTH: Jesus Prayed in the Garden (Matthew 26:36-46)—Jesus chose to die for me.

To Talk About:

  1. If you were Peter, James, or John, what would you have done while Jesus prayed?
  2. The Bible says Jesus was very troubled when He prayed in the garden. Why?
  3. Did God answer Jesus’ prayer with a “yes,” a “no,” or something else? Explain.
  4. What is the “big idea” of today’s Bible story?
  5. Why was it necessary for Jesus to die on the cross?

To Do Together:

Play a game of Tool Sound Charades.

Choose a volunteer to make the noise of a tool (hammer, drill, saw, etc.). Remind the volunteer they are making the noise, not doing the motion of the tool. For example, if the tool is a hammer, make the sound “Bang! Bang! Bang!” Repeat the activity several times, choosing a new volunteer and choosing new tool sounds. Discuss the different sounds one might hear on a construction site.

Ask: “Do you think it might be difficult to talk to each other on a construction site with all the noise? Can you imagine what it would be like to try to hear lots of people talking to you at the same time?”

Say: “In today’s Bible story, Jesus prayed, and God heard His prayers. Think about how many people pray to God at the same time. Do you think God can hear all the prayers that are prayed? The answer is yes! God hears every single prayer prayed to Him.” Emphasize the power of prayer. Remind kids that Jesus prayed in the garden and He called others to pray with Him too. Take time to pray together as a family.

2s and 3s Lesson Video

Thursday – Day 4

FOUNDATION OF PROMISE: Jesus’ Resurrection (Matthew 28:1-10)—Jesus will always love me.

To Talk About:

  1. Pretend you are one of the women in the Bible story. Demonstrate how you would have reacted to the angel.
  2. Why is it important to know that Jesus is alive?
  3. Why do you think some people have difficulty believing that Jesus is alive today?
  4. Jesus told His disciples to teach others about Him. What could you teach someone about Jesus?
  5. What does Jesus’ promise (I will be with you always) mean to you?

To Do Together:

Gather building materials (wooden or foam blocks, toilet paper tubes, legos, etc.). Build a structure from them that is hidden from the kids. They will need the same building materials to create it themselves during the activity. Explain to kids that you are going to be the construction site foreman. Say: “I have to go offsite, but I will give you the building instructions from the other room.

Go “off-site”—into another room, so you are out of sight. Give instructions on how to build the structure you have already created. Come back in the room after giving the last instruction. Look over their building and then reveal your correct structure and compare the differences. Say: “It is hard to complete a project like this with the leader not present. The good news is that we don’t have to live life like this. We learned in our story today that God is always with us and He will always love us!”

Emphasize that there is nothing anyone can do that will make Jesus stop loving him. Remind kids you’ve been learning about building on the love of Jesus all week. Pray, thanking Jesus for always loving us.

2s and 3s Lesson Video

Friday – Day 5

FOUNDATION FOR LIFE:Wise and Foolish Builders (Matthew 7:24-29)—Jesus’ love is the foundation for the rest of my life.

To Talk About:

  1. Jesus talked about a storm in His parable. What real-life disasters can test a person’s faith in Jesus?
  2. Jesus talked about building a house on a rock. What does it mean in real life?
  3. What real-life actions might Jesus have had in mind when He described the foolish builder?
  4. Is it possible to listen to Jesus without obeying Him? Explain.
  5. How has [email protected] VBS helped you build a strong foundation for your life?

To Do Together:

Give kids several building pieces (wooden or foam blocks, toilet paper tubes, etc.) and ask them to build a house on their laps. Ask kids what was so difficult about building their house on their laps. Remind them they had good, sturdy materials. (They did not have a good, strong foundation.) Ask them to build their house again, but this time on a flat, solid surface (floor, table top).

Ask kids what was different this time when they build their house. Remind them that they used the same materials as last time. (This time they had good, sturdy materials and a good, strong foundation.) Say: “We can do a lot of good things in life: get a good education, get a good job, and give to others. But, if our lives are not built on a good foundation, which is God, then in the end, they will crumble just like our first houses. Only a life built on God and His promises will last.” Remind kids they are loved by Jesus, they can ask for forgiveness of their sins, they are valuable to Jesus, Jesus never breaks His promises, and Jesus’ love is the foundation for everything else in their lives.

Pray, thanking God for helping kids to build on what they know about Jesus and His love for us.

2s and 3s Lesson Video

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